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As pandemic continues, cruise ships are getting scrapped

One consequence of the cessation of cruises during the pandemic is that idle cruise ships are deterorating from lack of use. And more and more of them are simply being scrapped by companies who no longer want to pay to maintain them.

Archive Podcasts:

New salmon regulations for mainstem Columbia River

There are new rules afoot for commercial and recreational fishing on the mainstem Columbia River, slated to take effect next year. The new rules reverse some changes made seven years ago when commercial fishers were banned from the mainstem of the river. And commercial fishermen are now entitled to a larger share of the total allowed catch for the season.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fog… sound signals on the river

We’re over our heads in wildfire smoke locally and that’s making for some foggy/smoky days on the river. Ships are noisier than usual, to keep themselves and their fellow travelers in other vessels safe from collisions. Let’s look at common ship horn signals you’re likely to hear on the river – a lot – this week.

Sea Story: The sinking of the Meteor, Part 1, with Michael McCusker

This is the first of a two part archive interview from the early 2000’s, with former commercial fisherman and KMUN radio personality Michael McCusker. Michael was aboard the ill-fated crabber the Meteor, when she suddenly sank on the Columbia River Bar. It’s a great sea story, especially as only Michael can tell it.

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