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King tides, atmospheric river, sneaker waves, oh my!

Today's weather and tides are wreaking havoc in coastal Oregon and Washington today as an atmopsheric river dumps up to 10 inches of rain in our area. We'll talk about what ships do when the weather gets awful, and what to expect if you're on land.

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New Year’s Eve Ship Horns on the Columbia

Astoria embraced a long standing tradition again this New Year’s Eve, ushering in the new year in maritime style on the Columbia River. ‘Round midnight, an ethereal mix of sonorous ship horns, spontaneous fireworks and midnight revelers in the streets filled the air, transforming a typically rainy Pacific Northwest winter night into something special to be remembered.

Note: if you want to skip ahead to hear the New Year’s ship horns segment, listen in at about [2:49] in the recording.

New age of sail? A newbuild wooden sailing cargo ship

A new sailing wooden cargo ship is now being built in Costa Rica. Her owners plan to use her to haul specialty cargoes along the US West Coast. Meet the schooner Ceiba, billed as the world’s largest ocean-going “clean” cargo ship. Is this the beginning of the return of the age of sail?

Search and Rescue off Astoria

I had occasion to observe an SAR (Search and Rescue) operation being conducted by the US Coast Guard in the Columbia River off Astoria. They were searching for possible lost kayakers who may have been swept away by King Tides running strong in the river. It was heartbreaking to watch the light fading on a winter day, and the helicopter searching, searching, and finding no one. A cautionary note about paying attention to conditions before you go out.

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