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Captain of the Port, Part 5

More from my interview with Captain Jeremy Smith, USCG Captain of the Port, Sector Columbia River. We’re talking about ships at anchor in the river and how security and other issues are handled there.

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USCG Captain of the Port, Part 3

We resume our look at Coast Guard operations on arriving cargo ships, with an excerpt from my recent interview with Capt. Jeremy Smith, USCG commander of Air Station Astoria, and Captain of the Port, Columbia River Sector.

A Coastal Christmas

This Christmas Eve show is dedicated to all mariners working on the holidays. Hear the story of “A Coastal Christmas,” in which Santa is rescued by crabbers and the Coast Guard, and a Christmas disaster is averted. A charming take on “The Night Before Christmas” by Long Beach Peninsula writer Lynette Rae McAdams. The book is illustrated by Astoria artist Sally Lackaff. Available in bookstores around the region. Music “Waiting for Saint Nick,” by Seattle singer-songwriter Larry Murante.

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