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More about anchoring ships

More from Columbia River Bar Pilot Capt. Thron Riggs, about why ships use the port anchor when they anchor here on the river.

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Captain Thron Riggs on Anchoring

Today on the Ship Report, a real treat: Columbia River Bar Pilot Capt. Thron Riggs answers a listener question about anchoring ships. Captain Riggs was instrumental in helping the Ship Report get off the ground as a radio show 16 years ago.

Many thanks to him for all the information over the years, and for all his help answering this complex question today: What anchor does a ship use when she comes into the Astoria Anchorage – port or starboard?

Accidental search and rescue

Today we’re talking about a recent Coast Guard request asking boatowners and other mariners to take care to secure their watercraft from going adrift in bad weather. Many accidental search and rescue missions have been launched because someone’s kayak, for example, went for a ride without them, blown by wind and rain.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Photo credit: By Banes, CC BY-SA 3.0,

A Fisherpoet Weighs In on Tragedy

Soon after the tragic wreck of the crab boat Mary B II on the Yaquina Bay Bar in Newport, Oregon, earlier this month, many people in the fishing community shared their grief at the loss of three lives.

One of the most eloquent tributes came from Fisher Poet Tele Aadsen, who fishes Alaska waters with her partner Joel Brady Power, on their salmon troller Nerka. Today’s Ship Report features Tele’s blog post, a testimony to lives lost under harrowing conditions, in a difficult profession.

Photo credit: Tele Aadsen from her post on Facebook about the Mary B II. Thank you, Tele, for your great writing and the eloquent window you give us into life at sea.

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