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“Miracle” rescue of overboard cruise ship passenger?

We'll take a look at a recent story about a man who fell overboard from a cruise ship and was rescued 15 hours later. The media is calling his survival a miracle. Is it? We'll take a look.

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First woman appointed to lead Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy

Nov 15, 2022

The first woman ever to head the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point was appointed this month. She’s a US Coast Guard Rear Admiral with a history of advocating for women’s rights in the maritime industry. She’s part of a wave of change in an industry that historically has not been welcoming to women. We’ll look at her story and compare it to the story of a famous Astorian, a woman who blazed trails in the maritime industry, but not without overcoming considerable hurdles.

Fitz followup: memories from one who was there

Nov 14, 2022

Last week we talked about the sinking of the ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald, and her tragic loss with all hands on November 10, 1975 in Lake Superior. This sad event echoed through Great Lakes communities, and people still commemorate this loss so many years later, as they honor the crew members and their families each year in ceremonies.

Today we hear from a local man who was living and working in the Great Lakes region when the Mighty Fitz went down. He Reid Johnson was 19 then, stationed aboard a USCG cutter. Their ship was too far away to help, but they heard the tragedy unfold on the ship’s radio.

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