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USCG to the rescue in Tillamook

We usually think of our beloved Coasties rescuing people on the water, but sometimes they also help people on land. Sometimes, as in this case of some folks in an RV park stranded by rising flood waters, water is also involved.

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The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Nov 10, 2021

Each year, I commemorate the loss of this beloved ship on Lake Superior on November 10, 1975. She was beloved to people around the region, who called her “The Mighty Fitz.” She and her crew hauled iron ore between Canada and the US for 17 years. Then one night, in a terrible storm, she was lost with all hands, in one of the worst maritime tragedies in U.S. History. This is my annual tribute to the sailors and families of the Mighty Fitz.

West Coast terminals impose fees for bogged down cargo

Nov 09, 2021

A look at an emerging trend in the bogged down cargo mess: West Coast terminals assessing fees on containers that just sit there for long periods without moving through the supply chain. In an increasingly expensive shipping environment, this isn’t very good news, but understandable for terminal owners.

A miracle story from the frozen north

Nov 08, 2021

There’s a lot of upsetting news to be had these days, so it’s so great when we get to share a story that’s truly lovely.

The story starts when a fishing boat runs aground in Alaska and her crew needs help. A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescues the fishermen, but there’s still one missing – their 80 pound lab mix puppy, Grace, who went overboard as the boat capsized.

The next day when the Coast Guard came back to assess the aftermath of the incident, they discovered a small miracle on the beach: Grace – cold, but unharmed, and certainly living up to her name.

King Tides – a time to watch the ocean from a safe distance

Nov 05, 2021

It’s King Tide time on the coast, and that means abnormally high tides. This natural phenomenon happens every winter. This weekend, we’ll see high tides reaching 9 feet, and extra low minus tides. That, combined with storm induced high swells on the beach, and elevated sneaker wave risk, can create a life threatening situation for unwary storm watchers.

Pilot boats: a special breed

Nov 04, 2021

Today a look at a special vessel that is commonly seen on the Astoria waterfront: the pilot boat that takes pilots to and from passing ships. These boats are specially designed for demanding work that other boats avoid at all costs – coming in contact with the hull of a moving ship, and transporting pilots safely as they do a dangerous job.

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