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Water safety – just in time for Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day weekend, and as I often do this time of year, I've put on my safety hat. Just a few tips you can put in your pocket, to help you stay safe and happy in your maritime adventures in the Pacific Ocean and on the Mighty Columbia.

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Ship paint colors – why vessels are painted the way they are

May 02, 2022

Today’s show is about ship paint colors – a smattering of interesting info I have picked up over the years about why vessels, even fishing boats, are painted the colors we see them sporting on the river and ocean. We’ll even hear from an old Fisher Poet favorite – talking about his favorite color for a working boat.

Seafarers Happiness Index hits 8-year low

Apr 29, 2022

Today we’ll talk about the most recent Seafarers Happiness Index report for the first quarter of the year. Things aren’t looking good – the index has dropped to an 8-year low – partly because of remaining pandemic woes. The war in Ukraine is another big issue – affecting many people because so many sailors are from that part of the world. Seaboard life can be uncomfortable now for Ukrainian and Russian seafarers, who often serve together, especially for Ukrainians who may be separated from family ( esp. in war torn areas) by their work obligations.

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