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A closer look at unusual ship on the river this week

This week some shipwatchers noticed the GSL Eleni coming down river: an odd sight, she was a containership with no containers on board. We'll talk a little about her backstory. Photo of the GSL Eleni, courtesy Gregg Akehurst, shared with permission from the Ship Report Community Photo Page on Facebook. The ship is heading downriver on the Columbia with a support tug on her stern.

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CL Lindy to depart Astoria today

May 11, 2023

If current projections hold, the CL Lindy will be on her way upriver by noon today. The ship has been at the Port of Astoria since last week, preparing to transfer six wind turbine blades to a barge for transport upriver to Longview. The ship herself will head to Longview today as well, if all goes well.

CL Lindy may finally be on her way after cargo transfer

May 10, 2023

The story of the bulk carrier CL Lindy and her cargo of wind turbine blades may be reaching its logical conclusion today, unless plans change. We may see her finally transferring six of her blades to a barge for transport to Longview. It’s been a complex saga that’s kept the ship at the Port of Astoria since last week.

Today we’ll look at our ship schedule and where the CL Lindy fits into the mix.

Equipment problems plague cargo ship at Port of Astoria

May 08, 2023

The CL Lindy, the cargo ship carrying wind turbine blades that made an unscheduled stop at the Port of Astoria last week to resolve some cargo issues, is still there. She’s waiting on repairs to a broken crane on board. Until that’s fixed, she’ll stay in Astoria. Depending on how quickly those repairs happen, she could be on her way soon. If she is still here by the end of the day today, she will move to the Astoria Anchorage temporarily to make way for a cruise ship that is calling at the Port on Tuesday.

Unusual cargo transfer at the Port of Astoria today

May 05, 2023

Today, in a very unusual maneuver, a bulk carrier will stop at the Port of Astoria and unload six wind turbine blades onto a barge for transport to Longview.

It should make for an interesting sight for folks who can stop by the port docks for a peek. Look for the CL Lindy around 8 am at the Port.

The reason she’s stopping there is that some of her cargo is blocking visibility from the bridge and that has to be remedied for safety reasons. It will be a time consuming and delicate operation.

Today we celebrate the humble shipping container

May 02, 2023

Last week marked the 67th birthday of an invention that utterly changed shipping: the humble, ubiquitious shipping container. It’s advent, the brainchild of an efficiency-minded trucker, shifted how the world moves cargo, and led to the fast-paced world of ocean commerce we have today.

The extraordinary story of the man who came in second

May 01, 2023

One more story from the Golden Globe Race: soon after Kirsten Neuschafer made history with her win in the Golden Globe solo round the world sailing race, another contender came across the finish line, a day later.

His story is a startling and amazing true tale: Abilash Tomy, Indian Navy officer, aviator, and accomplished long distance sailor. He came back from a tragic accident in the last GGR in 2018, a traumatic event that left him initially unable to walk. Four years later, he came back to compete in what is probably the most grueling boat race in the world, and after 8 months at sea and many setbacks, made it across the finish line to win second place.

Kirsten Neuschafer wins the Golden Globe

Apr 28, 2023

Yesterday, solo sailor Kirsten Neuschafer won the Golden Globe Race, after spending 235 days alone in a small boat sailing round the world. In doing so, she became the first woman to ever finish the race, the first to ever win it, and the first woman to win any solo round the world sailing race.

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