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An ususual ship that does a lot of important work

This week you might have seen a ship with a black hull and a red stripe sitting seemingly motionless in the river, unlike most vessels that are on a journey form one port to another. If you'd been able to get a closer look at that ship, you'd have seen people hard at work on an important project. The ship was the USCG Cutter Elm, a buoy tender, maintaining and repairing navigational buoys in the river. It's essential work that saves lives, but goes largely unnoticed by those of us on land.

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The days are getting longer even if it doesn’t feel like it

Jan 17, 2023

Today, in the midst of rain, rain, rain, let’s talk about what’s up above the clouds: the sun, which is making its way into our days more and more as we head toward spring, even if we don’t notice it just yet. And a bit about the moon, that other celestial body we see now and then when the clouds part.

How ships pass safely in a narrow channel, and the Texas Chicken

Jan 11, 2023

Today we’ll talk about an everyday thing that happens on the Columbia River, that actually takes a lot of skill and experience to pull off safely: two ships meeting and passing one another. And an unlikely but very successful ship maneuver called the Texas Chicken that’s been known to terrify ship captains who’ve never experienced it before.

Big storm projected to form this week way offshore in the Pacific

Jan 10, 2023

Weather forecasters are watching weather condition on the high seas offshore of the Pacific Northwest, for a huge storm with big seas and hurricane force winds, Lucky for us on land here in Oregon and Washington, it won’t hit us directly. But it’s a reminder of the power of nature and the luck of the draw – we’re ;ucky this time that it isn’t headed our way.

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