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What happened in Tonga?

A closer look at what happened in Tonga, and how a volcanic eruption could be violent enough to send a tsunami worthy shockwave across the Pacific.

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Tsunami Advisory on US West Coast

Jan 17, 2022

Well, as if we haven’t had enough going on lately (snow, intense rain, snow melt, flooding, highway collapse…) this weekend we had a tsunami advisory caused by a volcanic eruption in Tonga, almost 6,000 miles away. We’ll talk about how tsunamis work and how this one got here so fast – in about 12 hours. That’s about how long a non-stop flight would take in a jet airplane.

The Triumph-Mermaid Tragedy, Part 2

Jan 14, 2022

Today we conclude our tribute to the crew of the USCG motor lifeboat Triumph and her crew, and the two crewmembers aboard the fishing vessel Mermaid, as we continue the story of the Triumph disaster, the most tragic incident in the history of the Coast Guard in the Pacific Northwest.

Part 2 today recounts the incredible efforts by Coast Guard personnel to save the Mermaid and the amazing survival of one crewmember of the Triumph, who lived through being thrown into storm tossed seas as the boat disappeared beneath the waves.

A reminder that despite comprehensive lifesaving training and valiant effort, we do indeed live in the “Graveyard of the Pacific,” a place where the weather and the sea have the last word.

The Triumph-Mermaid Tragedy, Part 1

Jan 13, 2022

Today we commemorate those lost in a tragic USCG rescue incident that happened 51 years ago yesterday, in 1961, right here on the Columbia River Bar. It started with a fishing boat in trouble on the bar, and ended with several Coast Guard vessels lost along with five coastguardsmen, and a fishing boat lost and two fishermen dead. One motor lifeboat crewman from one of the lost vessels miraculously lived.

In this first of a two part series, we remember the sinking of the USCG motorlifeboat Triumph and the other vessels involved in the rescue attempt of the crab boat Mermaid on Jan 12, 1961.

A reminder that the lower Columbia can be a formidable foe for mariners, no matter how skilled and prepared they may be.

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