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Situational awareness – an essential quality for mariners

Today's show is about situational awareness, the skill of paying attention to what's happening around you even when your tendency might be to daydream. It's a factor in maritime accidents, and avoiding them, and is just part of the challenging work that mariners do. We'll talk about how maritime accidents can happen. And how mariners think ahead to avoid problems, in a work environment where tremendous forces are at play.

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Megler Bridge anniversary

Today we’ll talk about the anniversary this week of the 1966 opening of the Astoria Megler Bridge across the Columbia, and share some memories from Long Beach Penisula historian Frank Lehn, who crossed the bridge as a kid on vacation with his family. Frank featured an article about the bridges historic opening on his Facebook Page: The Long Beach Peninsula Friends of Facebook, a great local source for PNW information and photos.

Hometown Astoria gal comes home as ship’s officer

Astoria saw the return this past weekend of a young gal who graduated from high school here, and is now first officer on the cable ship Decisive, which was moored at the Port of Astoria docks. Her name is Alysia Johnson, and she’s the daughter of Columbia River Bar Pilot Capt. Robert Johnson. We’ll hear a bit about her life on board.

USNS Mercy Hospital ship and COVID-19

The USNS Mercy is on the River today. She’s coming to the shipyard at Swan Island in Portland. She’s one of two Military Sealift Command hospital ships that have been enlisted to provide medical support during the pandemic. The USNS Mercy is on the West Coast, and the USNS Comfort is on the East Coast. These ships are easy to spot: bright white with red crosses on their sides.

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alexa M. Hernandez, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. This photo shows the ship in Los Angeles with the US Marines as part of the US government COVID-19 response.

Pandemic effects on the world’s oil industry

As the pandemic progresses, and people stay home more, oil consumption is down. That’s a good thing for the environment, but the world’s oil industry and the global economy are seeing changes that aren’t all good news.

Image courtesy Columbia River Bar Pilots.

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