Today on the Ship Report, we’re talking about tugboats in the pandemic, and how their tireless work and willingness to flex with market conditions have made tugs and their crews a critical part of the supply chain during COVID-19.

Note to listeners: I forgot to record The Ship Report this morning when I was on the air on KMUN (I think I have pandemic brain to a degree and sometimes things just slip my mind when I don’t want them to…). But to honor my declaration that I was truly back to posting daily podcasts of the show, I re-did the Report later and recorded it. Because of that, I didn’t have to stick to the usual 9 minute constraints of the Ship Report on the radio.

So……I went on a bit. 

In this podcast, I was able to do a longer show, and go through the ship schedule in more depth than I usually have time for on the air, with more asides of (I think) interesting info about ships and matters associated with them. I was also able to more deeply discuss the role tugboats have played in getting goods to us during the pandemic. I hope you enjoy the extra info included in this Report, and that it’s worth your time. You might call this one a “geeks only” version.

Much love to all in these uncertain times  –  Joanne