Today we’ll hear about when ships will be coming upriver for Fleet Week for the Portland Rose Festival.

(The image here is the USS Lake Champlain, currently at the Port of Astoria.)

Here’s a quick look at the ships that will be coming in from out in the Pacific and heading to Portland as part of the Rose Festival Fleet:


  • HMCS Yellowknife – Vancouver BC to Portland – Ast~5:30am/Ptld~2pm


  • HMCS Nanaimo – Canada to Portland – Ast~5:30am/Ptld~2pm
  • HMCS Edmonton – Canada to Portland – Ast~5:30am/Ptld~2pm


  • USS Lake Champlain – Port of Astoria to Portland – Dep Ast~8am/Ptld~4pm

This schedule is for ships entering the river from the Pacific Ocean to attend the Rose Festival. There will be other vessels in attendance at the festival that are already on the river and will be in Portland.

For more info about Fleet Week, here’s their website: