Another retro, low tech sailing race began on Sunday – it’s called the Ocean Globe Race. In this race, like the Golden Globe which started a year ago this month, sailboats will retrace the route of the old sailing Clipper ships.

On Sunday, 14 boats with about 12 crew on each left Southhampton, England, headed for their first stop, Cape Town, South Africa. It should take them about a month to get there.

The race could be dramatic, grueling and dangerous – based on past experience. Historically, lots of boats start, but few make it to the end.

The race is billed as a race for “everyman” because it’s much lower cost to participate than the average high tech yacht race. One boat called, “Maiden,” has an all-female crew.

They’ll be finding their way at sea with no fancy electronic gear, racing like it’s 1988. Sextants, paper charts and lots of adventure.