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COVID-19: Locally, we are flattening the curve

Today on the Ship Report we look again at the situation in Florida, where the USCG has declined to airlift sick passengers off cruise ships because local medical facilities are flooded with COVID-19 patients. Locally here in Clatsop County, Oregon, our local officials took action early to keep cruise ships out of our local port, long before there were cruise ships offshore here with ill passengers looking to come into port. Our Ship Report hat is off to them for their foresight, and our...

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The Crazy Ivan

I first came across this term “Crazy Ivan” when I was watching one of my favorite movies, “The Hunt for Red October.” It’s about a Russian sub captain who wants to defect to the US during the Cold War. In the film, a US sub is trailing a Russian sub, and all of sudden, the Russians do a “Crazy Ivan.” Turns out it was a real thing.

Jon Campbell – Fisher Poet

The annual Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon is done for another year. What a great weekend it was! One of the talents welcomed back this year after several years away was Jon Campbell – inducted into the Rhode Island Hall of Fame for his musical achievements in his home state, Jon is a delight for audiences, who love his smart, curmudeonly take on the culture of fishing. We’ll hear a song he wrote about the Long Beach Peninsula.

Fisher Poet Mark Alan Lovewell

Fisher poet, songwriter and musician Mark Alan Lovewell was today’s guest on the Ship Reporrt. He’s from Martha’s Vineyard, and is visiting Astoria for the 23rd Annual Fisher Poets Gathering. I was fortunate to have him as my guest live on the air today He’s a passionate advocate of fishermen and the fishing life. Hear him sing part of his iconic song, “Fishing Boat Sarah,” about what a boat means in the lives of a fishing family.

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