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As pandemic continues, cruise ships are getting scrapped

One consequence of the cessation of cruises during the pandemic is that idle cruise ships are deterorating from lack of use. And more and more of them are simply being scrapped by companies who no longer want to pay to maintain them.

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Marine pilot: a dangerous profession

The recent death of a pilot working in a US port shows us the inherent life threatening dangers of being a marine pilot. It’s a hands on job, and a false step or an equipment failure at the wrong time can be fatal. Deaths happen seldom, which is a testament to their professionalism. A look at the work of highly skilled master mariners whose work is largely invisible to the public.

Ship displacement and how it affects the waters near a ship

Today we take a look at ship displacement: which means that each time a ship passes by it pushes aside (or displaces) a weight of water equal to its own weight. That’s a lot of water. We’ll listen to a captain explain how it works. Spoiler alert: you want to be very careful to be safely away from ships wihen they pass by.

Megler Bridge anniversary

Today we’ll talk about the anniversary this week of the 1966 opening of the Astoria Megler Bridge across the Columbia, and share some memories from Long Beach Penisula historian Frank Lehn, who crossed the bridge as a kid on vacation with his family. Frank featured an article about the bridges historic opening on his Facebook Page: The Long Beach Peninsula Friends of Facebook, a great local source for PNW information and photos.

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