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Megler Bridge anniversary

Today we'll talk about the anniversary this week of the 1966 opening of the Astoria Megler Bridge across the Columbia, and share some memories from Long Beach Penisula historian Frank Lehn, who crossed the bridge as a kid on vacation with his family. Frank featured an article about the bridges historic opening on his Facebook Page: The Long Beach Peninsula Friends of Facebook, a great local source for PNW information and photos.

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What’s happening with world trade?

A quick look at world shipping: China may be emerging from its coronavirus woes, and the IMO urges ports worldwide to remain open to maintain the flow of goods, and ship traffic.

Note: The lovely photo accompanying this post was taken by Astoria photographer Scott Saulsbury. You’ll find his iconic shots on his Facebook page, and also in this book:

Many thanks to Scott for the use of his image of a bulk carrier docked in Astoria.

Tides in Willapa Bay

Received a listener question from a person who wondered about tides in Willapa Bay, when do they happen – because different tide tables he consulted seemed to have different times on them, even though they were all for Willapa Bay.

Today we’ll talk about tidal variations across areas – and how it’s all relative, so to speak.

Things to observe in the natural world: Tides

With many of us having more time on our hands as we stay at home to flatten the pandemic curve, this may present an opportunity to observe the natural world around us more closely. Today we take a look at something that happens every day here: the changing of the tides.

This lovely photo was taken by Astoria photographer Scott Saulsbury. You’ll find his photos on Facebook and also in his book, Light, Water, and Steel:

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