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Magnetic north on the move

Scientists have known for a long time that magnetic north moves fro place to place. But its migration has sped up in recent years. That could have a big effect on mariners, and folks on land with smart phones.

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USCG Cutter Elm arrives in Astoria

The recently renovated and refurbished USCG Cutter Elm arrived in Astoria Monday. She’s replacing a well known hometown ship here, the Fir. Both are buoy tenders, a specialized ship that installs and maintains navigation aides around the PNW. Which means she creates and monitors the markers, buoys and lights that create the water highway vessels rely on. Without cutters like the Elm, ships would not get very far in our waters.

Oregon Commercial Fishing

The commercial fishing industry is a huge economic driver on the coast. But most people don’t realize that the fresh-caught, wild fish we love so much is caught, for the most part, by small business owners, fishermen and women who go out in relatively small boats, catching fish and crab in horrible weather. Today’s show is about appreciating the people who catch our dinner.

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