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Pilot boat Peacock at CRMM in Astoria: what makes her so special?

The pilot boat Peacock is on display at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon. You can see her decorated with holiday lights when you drive by. Of all the amazing vessels we have here on the lower Columbia, this one stands out as a true game changer. When she came to live on the river, commerce as we know it was transformed. She made it possible for many ships to come into the river in rough weather, because she was such a capable craft.

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IMO 2020 – Part 1 – big changes coming to ship air pollution rules

Today we hear Part 1 in a series on IMO 2020, which refers to the new rules set to take effect on January 1, that will mandate steep cuts in ship emissions. We’ll hear from retired Columbia River Bar Pilot Capt. Robert Johnson about why ship air pollution is a problem, what new rules will mean for the shipping industry, and how it will affect people on land.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Forty- four years ago this month, the ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a horrific storm on Lake Superior on Nov. 10. Her crew of 29 men perished just 15 miles from shore. These lost mariners were locals, and everyone knew their ship, the Mighty Fitz, as she was called. The echoes of their families’ grief still resonate along the shores of the Great Lakes every year around this time, when memorials are held for the crew, and for all the sailors who have perished on these perilous inland seas.

Rotor sails

The grand old age of sail could be on the upswing again in the maritime industry, but not in quite the same way as in the age of Clipper ships. New devices called “rotor sails” use the same principles as their canvas cousins, but apply them in a different way. Spinning columns on ship decks generate the same kind of lift as traditional sails. They save fuel and are already in use on some cargo ships, such as the Maersk ship pictured here.

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