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Bulk Carriers Part 5

The final episode in the Ship Report series on Bulk Carriers. We've been hearing this week from master mariner, ship captain and bar pilot Capt. Robt. Johnson, who explains more about those often-seen ships in our region: the bulk carrier.

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Meet Amanda Green: USCG Surfman

Today on the Ship Report we begin an interview with an extraordinary woman who lives and works right here in our backyard. She’s Amanda Green, 28 years old, USCG petty officer, and a rescue surfman, trained to handle the roughest weather the Coast Guard takes on. She works as a coxswain aboard the motor lifeboats that rescue scores of people annually in the coastal waters of the U.S. Today we begin with a look at what led a Philly born young woman to choose such high level training in the one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, on the Graveyard of the Pacific.

The Clamshell Railroad

In the early 20th century, a unique rail line served a great purpose on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington state. The Clamshell Railroad was a narrow gauge rail line that ran eventually from Nahcotta in the north to Megler in the south. It stopped for just about anything or anyone, and adjusted its arrival with the tides. It was a charming footnote in Pacific Northwest history.

How do you stop a tug and barge?

In this special Ship Report, I talk with retired tugboat Captain Phil Martin, all about the business of hauling things by tug and barge. Tugs and barges are among the workhorses of the merchant fleet, and barges are by far generally the most economical means of hauling cargo. Today we also talk about an interesting question: Since all voyages must end, and there are no brakes at sea, how do you stop a tug and barge?

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