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King tides, atmospheric river, sneaker waves, oh my!

Today's weather and tides are wreaking havoc in coastal Oregon and Washington today as an atmopsheric river dumps up to 10 inches of rain in our area. We'll talk about what ships do when the weather gets awful, and what to expect if you're on land.

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Situational awareness – an essential quality for mariners

Today’s show is about situational awareness, the skill of paying attention to what’s happening around you even when your tendency might be to daydream. It’s a factor in maritime accidents, and avoiding them, and is just part of the challenging work that mariners do. We’ll talk about how maritime accidents can happen. And how mariners think ahead to avoid problems, in a work environment where tremendous forces are at play.

Beaufort Wind Scale, Part 2

More today on the Beaufort Wind Scale… after yesterday’s podcast was cut off because of radio broadcast difficulties, I decided to redo the show so that listeners would be sure to hear about this historic, fun and useful scale that is still widely used today.

In my research for this episode, I ended up finding out even more about the Beaufort Wind Scale than I knew before. So, this Ship Report comes with a tongue-in-cheek advisory: it may be for serious geeks only. Here is probably more than you ever wanted to know about the Wind Scale to End All Wind Scales… ♥

The Beaufort Wind Scale, Part 1

This legendary scale for determining wind speed by looking at what’s happening around you was developed in the 1880s by an Irish military officer named Francis Beaufort. It’s still used today by sailors on land and at sea to tell how hard the wind is blowing by the visible effects wind has on things like the sea state, trees and structures on land. Part one of a two part podcast on the famous Beaufort Wind Scale.

New salmon regulations for mainstem Columbia River

There are new rules afoot for commercial and recreational fishing on the mainstem Columbia River, slated to take effect next year. The new rules reverse some changes made seven years ago when commercial fishers were banned from the mainstem of the river. And commercial fishermen are now entitled to a larger share of the total allowed catch for the season.

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